Positionspapier «Salz und Gesundheit»

Heute ist allgemein anerkannt, dass ein übermässiger Salzkonsum für die Gesundheit negative...

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Preisausschreibung 2014/2015


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Mi, 30.11.2016 – Di, 01.11.2016
Kongress 2016 der Stiftung Patientensicherheit Schweiz

Innovations in Patient Safety – Patient Safety in Innovations

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Do, 26.03.2015 – Sa, 28.03.2015
9e Congrès 26 au 28 mars 2015, Paris

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Diese Kongresse gelten als Kernfortbildung



20th WONCA Congress Istanbul 22-25.10.2015

Preparations are underway for WONCA Europe 2015

All committees are working hard to bring you a well prepared, state-of-the-art WONCA Europe Conference. This the 20th Anniversary of WONCA Europe and there various celebrations are planned during this ccasion. WONCE Europe 2015 offers many new features and you can find all about this on the conference website.
Here are some headlines from what's new:
- BRITEs... Bring your thoughts and experiences to Istanbul!
- Volunteer... Become a volunteer and contribute to the organization of the conference
- Lotteries... We will be holding a lottery each month and distribute free registrations
- Grants... Almost 200 young specialists will benefit from various scholarships
- Registration... Special registration rate for UN Developing Countries